The AS350 B3+ Simulator is certified as FFS Level B and FTD Level 3 by EASA authority. The FFS is operated by X-Aero Training Academy for its own approved or operational training but can also be rented by customers under dry lease agreement for company training or OPC.

  • Dry Lease

    Customer rent the flight sim with its own instructors that have previously attend the IOS course

  • Dry Lease + IOS technician

    Customer rent the flight sim with its own instructors and the management of the system is completed by one of our X-Aero training academy technician

  • Wet Lease

    Training is performed by X-Aero training instructor that also manage our simulator.

Our simulator may be used for approved training, operational training, official skill test or operational proficiency checks.

It is based in Albertville Training center facilities, France.

training breakdown
  • Capabilities

  • NVG operations

  • Proficiency checks and skill test

  • Ship and Rig landing

  • Elevated helipad

  • Custom training and scenarios for specific mission training on request

  • Avionics

  • VEMD

  • GNS 430W

  • Radio Altimeter

  • HSI Indicator

  • Approvals

  • EASA

  • Russian CAA

  • Egypt

  • Morocco

Custom scenarios

In collaboration with customer training department, our IOS technicians team can setup and test customized scenarios adapted to you specific needs. Their precious knowledges of the different zones and all additional features will help you to optimize the training sessions performances and benefits.

pricing on request

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