The privileges of a TRI-H instructor allow for the instruction on the ground and in flight for the issuance, revalidation or renewal of ratings on a specific helicopter type.

For pilots wishing to obtain a TRI-H, an initial training course including the common core of pedagogy must be completed.

For FI-H or TRI-H holders wishing to extend their privileges, only the technical theory and practical training shall be completed.


Initial Training Duration1 – 2 weeks
Additional Training Duration:4 – 5 days
Helicopters Available:EC135,
Coming soon : AS350


  • Hold a valid CPL-H or ATPL-H license

  • Hold a valid class 1 medical certificate

  • Hold the relevant type rating

  • 500 hours including 100h PIC on SP/ME or hold an FIH for EC135.

  • 250 hours or hold an FI(H) for AS350.

training breakdown
  • topics covered

  • Generic and applied pedagogy

  • Human performances and limitations related to instruction

  • Specific hazards related to simulated failures

  • Review of aircraft technical knowledge

  • Preparation and presentation of briefing and courses

  • In flight trainee management

  • Training Initial

  • GROUND COURSE : 35h - 10h for FI-H

  • FSTD : 3h

  • AIRCRAFT : 2h

  • Training Additional


  • FSTD : 2h

At the end of the training, an ATO training certificate will be given to the trainee allowing him to attend the skill test for obtaining a PART-FCL qualification issued by the competent authority.


The duration of the courses is informative and can be modified according to the trainee’s skills or to the regulations.

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