Heslo Cargo Sling

One of our historic knowledge that build SAF groups notoriety.

Perform your HESLO theoretical and practical training with our experimented HESLO instructor pilots.

Training on helicopter only

Note: The supervision time building on real missions requested for the validation of the HESLO training according to EASA is not included in the training.

  • HESLO 1 : 20 meters sling or less

  • Hold a valid CPL-H or ATPL-H license

  • Hold a valid medical certificate

  • Hold a valid type rating on the helicopter used for the training and 10 hours experience as pilot on type

  • Additional requirements to begin supervised flying: 50 Cycles; 5 hours of dual HESLO 1

  • Additional prerequisites to begin unsupervised flying: 300 hours of flight time as a PIC; 80 Cycles and 8 hours of supervised flight time on 5 different real HESLO 1 Missions

  • HESLO 2 : sling longer than 20 meters

  • Have completed 100 cyles

  • Additional requirements to begin supervised flying: 20 HESLO 2 Cycles; 2 hours of dual HESLO 2

  • Additional requirements to begin unsupervised flying: 50 Cycles and 5 hours of supervised flying during 5 different real HESLO 2 Missions

  • HESLO 3 and 4

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Training breakdown
  • Covered topics

  • SPO HESLO Operation manual

  • Flight manual study applied to HESLO operations

  • Specialized operational procedures

  • Flight planning

  • HESLO special equipments

  • Human factors

  • Risk and hazards related ton HESLO operations

  • Free sling training

  • Sling with counterweight training

  • Nets and bags

  • Concrete pooring

  • Training program

  • Custom schedule

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