X – Aero Training Academy is approved to deliver all SAF Aerogroup Twin engine helicopters type ratings.

All our type rating are Single pilot operation training

Flight instruction4 to 7 hours
Duration1 to 3 Weeks
Helicopters Available

Airbus helicopters AS355 N

Airbus helicopters EC135- H135 all Turbomeca powerplant  T1-T2-T2+-T3-T3H variants

Airbus helicopters BK117-EC145-H145, C2-D3 variants

Leonardo AW109 Trekker

  • Hold a valid PPL-H, CPL-H or ATPL-H license

  • Hold a valid class 1 or 2 medical certificate

  • Hold a theoretical ATPL-H or a course certificate issue by an ATO covering the following topics:
    • Aircraft General Knowledge: airframe/systems/power plant, and instrument/electronics.
    • Flight Performance and Planning: mass and balance, performance

  • Hold or having held a MET type rating for additional type rating

  • 70H PIC if not holding a theoretical ATPL-H VFR/IR or CPL-H IR

training breakdown
  • Covered topics

  • Aircraft description and general knowledges

  • Limitations

  • Performances

  • Flight planning and monitoring

  • Normal and emergency procedures

  • Training

AS355 EC135 T2+ EC135 T2+ on FSTD EC145 C2 EC145 C2 on FSTD EC145 D3 EC145 D3 on FSTD AW109 Trekker
Initial Ground course 42h 44h 44h 52h 52h 62h 62h 46.5h
FSTD 6h 6h 7h 2.5(OTD)
Aircraft 5h 8h 4h 8h 4h 9h 4h 8h
Additional Ground course 35h 44h 44h 52h 52h 62h 62h 46.5h
FSTD 5h 5h 4h 2.5(OTD)
Aircraft 5h 8h 3h 8h 3h 8h 4h 4h

Extra optional trainings may be required according to your previous qualification and operational needs (CAT-A, AFCS, FCDS,GNS, GTN,…)

Also available on request :

  • difference trainings for all EC135 Families
  • difference trainings for all BK117/EC145 Families
  • EC145 C2 to EC135 T2 Transition course

For Type Rating IR extension click here

At the end of the course, an ATO training certificate will be provided to the trainee allowing him to attend the exam to obtain a PART-FCL qualification issued by the competent authority

The type rating skill test is not included in training time, available on request

pricing on request

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