Why don’t you find a job that meets your passion?

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) allows you to fly as a helicopter pilot in command or copilot for public transportation or aerial work operations.

Many of us started dreaming about flying an helicopter being a child, then we finally jumped into this exciting project.

Despite the rumors, becoming a civilian professional helicopter pilot is far from being impossible, but it requires consideration, time, courage, and motivation.

The Modular program is dedicated to pilot that already hold a Helicopter Private license (PPL-H).

Or you decided to jump into commercial after getting you PPL

Or you start from zero and want to follow the Modular program : PPL then build some flight hours to get some  experience by yourself or accompanied by an instructor), study the 13 EASA theoretical exams subjects,  and finally complete the modular CPL Training Course.

Definitely a longer day than the integrated CPL solution but that can have some benefit regarding student personal possibilities (professional retraining, finance, …… or just to take your time)

Still have any doubt ? Visit us, we will be happy to introduce you to the training center, team, students and why not get you at the controls for an initiation flight.

X – Aero Training Academy will support your project and you will benefit all the advantages a major helicopter group can give you to launch you into your professional life with the best assets :

  • A professional and Operational environment base on strong organization and procedures
  • A network and connections with your various instructors and other students. You will have the opportunity to meet many pilots from all over the world training in our facilities.
  • A perfect training environment with
    • Training center, classroom, and simulator 2 km from the airfield, close enough but in a quiet and studious place
    • A dedicated classroom for each promotion during at least all the theoretical training.
    • An uncontrolled airfield with low flight restrictions but close to major
      international airport adapted to training progression, radio,
      navigation or procedures training.
    • A dedicated briefing facility and hangars on the Airfield.
    • The incredible nearness of mountains and marvelous Alpine summits.
  • Many unique pedagogical possibilities offered buy SAF Aerogroup : Access to Full Flight Simulators, Maintenance Hangars, Operation Hangars,…..

This professional project involve all parties and we think that a mutual trust is essential for the well-being of student that need to spend all their time and energy for training. That is why we are the only helicopter pilot training school meeting the SNPL Union requirements for pilot school. For more information click here

Flight Instruction35 hrs (can include until 12.5 hours on the AS350 B3+ Full flight simulator)
Duration:4 to 6 Weeks
Helicopters Available:R22, R44, AS350

This training is referenced under the RNCP, Success rate on the completed training : 100% .

Note : This integrated training cannot be submitted to a partial validation.

  • Be 18 years old

  • Hold a valid PPL-H license according to appendix 1 of Chicago Convention

  • Have completed at least 155hrs of flight time - including 50hrs as pilot-in-command of which 10hrs of cross-country flight time.

  • Have successfully completed the theoretical knowledge examination for professional helicopter pilot.

  • Have successfully passed the theoretical and practical pre-entry test.

  • Hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate

training breakdown
  • Flight Training

  • 20 hours VFR flight training - can include until 5 hours on the AS350 B3+ Full flight simulator.

  • 10 hours simulated instrument flight training - can include until 5 hours on the AS350 B3+ Full flight simulator.

  • 5 hours night flight training - except for night rating holders, can include until 2.5 hours on the AS350 B3+ Full flight simulator.

The applicant shall have at least 185hrs helicopter flight time at the end of the training to apply for the CPL-H Practical exam.

From 21 200€

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