The IOS TRAINING allows external instructors to operate the simulator autonomously, to manage students and their safety during the sessions. This training is valid for both simulators (AS350B3+ & EC135T2+).

At the end of the course, the trainee will receive an X-Aero Training Academy IOS training certificate.

training breakdown
  • Topics Covered

  • Overall operation of the simulator

  • Safety features and evacuation procedures

  • Starting and stopping a simulation session

  • Positioning the device and resetting

  • Environmental management (weather, radio communications)

  • Failures management

  • Monitoring the session

  • How to deal with simulator sickness

  • Prerequisites

  • Have knowledge on the helicopter type

  • Content Of The Course

  • THEORY : 6h

  • FSTD : 2h (Time cannot be logged)

Custom scenarios

In collaboration with customer training department, our IOS technicians team can setup and test customized scenarios adapted to you specific needs. Their precious knowledges of the different zones and all additional features will help you to optimize the training sessions performances and benefits.

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