From the first steps to high proficiency mountain skills. Lean to fly safely and effectively in our beautiful mountain playground

Duration According to the training program
  • Hold a PPLH, CPLH or ATPLH license

  • 100 flight hours for the intermediary course.

  • Hold a valid medical certificate

  • Hold a valid Type rating on either R22, R44, AS350, EC135.

training breakdown
  • Covered topics

  • High Altitude performances

  • Weather Factors

  • Human performances and limitations related to mountain flight

  • Knowledge and management of the risks inherent in mountain flying

  • Mountain flying strategies and techniques

  • Introduction Course, Power Limited Flight

  • Ground Course : 4h

  • FSTD : 1h

  • Aircraft : 1h Minimum

  • Intermediary Mountain Course

  • Ground Course : 6h

  • FSTD : 3h

  • Aircraft : 4h

  • Advanced Mountain Course

  • Ground Course : 4h

  • FSTD : 3h

  • Aircraft : 4h

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