A PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE allows you to fly as a helicopter pilot in command or copilot on non-commercial operations without remuneration.

Flight Instruction45 hrs – can include up to 5hours on the AS350 B3+ Full flight simulator
Duration:According to individual skills and availability – usually 6 months to 2 years. We advise student pilot to fly at least twice a month.
Helicopters Available:R22, R44, AS350
  • Be 16 years old for the first solo flight, 17 years old for the final exam.

  • Hold a valid class 2 medical certificate before the first solo flight

training breakdown
  • Theoretical Training

  • Online theoretical exam training (E-Learning). Work at your own pace, where you want and when you want through the Computer Based Training (CBT).

  • 10% of the theoretical program will be covered in the classroom and during briefings and debriefings before and after each flight. Main topics covered are flight regulations, principles of flight, navigation, human performances, meteorology and communication.

  • Flight Instruction

  • 35hrs dual instruction

  • 10hrs supervised solo flight including 5hrs cross country

  • Specific Cases

  • PPL-A holder with at least 60hrs PIC: training time shortened to 39 flight hours.

  • Reunion Island : R44 only, restricted licence due to navigation limitations on the island.

From 24 000€

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