A particular operational need or a specific request from your authority?

X-Aero Training’s experienced pedagogical team can help you design and deliver any customized training.

Thanks to the diversity of our instructors’ profiles, we are fortunate to be able to offer you global or specific training support, based on the experience and resources of SAF Aerogroup. The creation of customized programs can be based on the use of FSTD scenarios entirely designed for your needs.

At the X-Aero Training Academy or at your own facilities, we can meet your civilian and military needs.

training breakdown
  • Initial civilian or military training with integrated specific operational modules

  • Company training programs dedicated to your activities and associated skills tests

  • Training for specific emergency procedures according to your reference authority's requirements

  • Refresh course

  • Military training and evaluation programs according to operational and tactical needs

  • Time building phases with specific items (Multi-engine, IFR, Night, glasscockpit,...)

discover our FSTD custom scenario possibilities

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